First Rapper to Make a Billi?

First to Hit a Billi?

Earlier this week Forbes Magazine released their Forbes 400 List detailing and ranking the wealthiest people in the World. No rappers or producers made the cut, however, the magazine has predicted who the first rapper to reach $1 billion will be. Passing Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Birdman, and 50 Cent is Diddy. With a current net worth $500 million, Diddy leads the top 5 but here’s how they rank…

1.Sean Combs(Diddy) 41 years old-$500 mill. net worth

2.Sean Carte(Jay-z) 41 years old-$450 mill. net worth

3.Andre Young(Dr. Dre) 46 years old-$250 mill. net worth

4.Bryan Williams(Birdman) 42 years old-$110 mill. net worth (he claims he’s worth more)

5.Curtis Jackson(50 Cent) 36 years old-$100 mill. net worth

All have multiple high end endorsement deals and although Birdman nears the bottom and is the second oldest of the group, he continues to claim his Young Money/Cash Money imprint and himself will be the first ones to reach 10 figures. “I think Young Money Cash Money would be the first billion-dollar brand in hip-hop,” said Birdman in an email. “We strong and growing every day as a brand and fast. Within the next few years we will be billionaires.”


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