“Blue Slide Park” Makes Top 3 on iTunes Charts Over a Month Before Release

Mac Miller rises in popularity everyday it seems. His upcoming debut album, Blue Slide Park, was put on iTunes last night available for pre-order just over a month before it’s release and has shot to #2 on the iTunes hip-hop charts and #3 on the overall album charts on iTunes. Here’s the newly released track list. The albums $9.99 for pre-order on iTunes and drops on 11/8/11.

"Blue Slide Park" by Mac Miller

"Blue Slide Park" by Mac Miller

01. English Lane
02. Blue Slide Park
03. Party On Fifth Ave
04. PA Nights
05. Frick Park Market
06. Smile Back
07. Under The Weather
08. Of The Soul
09. My Team
10. Up All Night
11. Loitering Album Only
12. Hole In My Pocket
13. Diamonds & Gold
14. Missed Calls
15. Man In The Hat
16. One Last Thing


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