“The Cookout” by Chevy Woods Feat. Wiz Khalifa Review

"The Cookout" by Chevy Woods Featuring Wiz Khalifa

"The Cookout" by Chevy Woods Featuring Wiz Khalifa

Not very much has been heard from or about Taylor Gang since Wiz Khalifa’s recent move towards a more mainstream appeal and sound. Not to say Wiz has “left the hood behind” but Khalifa isn’t repping his clique nearly as much as he has in the past. However, Chevy Woods, Wiz’s hypeman is doing his best to keep the Pittsburgh affiliation and fanbase alive. Chevy, who originally went by Kev tha hustla, released The Cookout saturday, his first mixtape since Red Cup Music released St. Patricks Day of this year. Woods, who has been featured on many Wiz Khalifa tracks in the past, released the mixtape as a borderline collaboration piece with Wiz on datpiff.com. In it’s first week it’s already been streamed nearly 100,000 time and downloaded roughly 62,000 times. After a listen to the tape, I would say that it’s without doubt Chevy’s best effort to date and really showcases how he has improved as an artist. However, the mixtape sounded like one very long song, with almost every track dealing with the same subject matter all laid over slow, mellow, soulful beats. Despite this, the production by no means is a downfall, but a highlight. The soulful and relaxed laid back beats convey the exact mood Woods and Wiz intend them to, they just all sound far too similar. The popularity alone of this tape shows Chevy’s slow moving push towards fame and mainstream success. The Cookout also proves that Chevy Woods, particularly moving forward, can/will be able to hang with similar artists such as Big Sean, Curren$y, and many of the other “weed rappers”. Though this is a shallow sub-genre, Chevy Woods will be a name to look for if this type of rap interests you. Check out the mixtape at..

The Cookout by Chevy Woods Featuring Wiz Khalifa


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