This Day in Hip-Hop

"Through the Wire" by Kanye West

"Through the Wire" by Kanye West

Today, September 30th, we wish a happy 26th birthday to the king of autotune, T-Pain, and a happy 49th birthday to old school rapper Marley Marl. September 30th also marks the day 8 years ago (in 2003) that Kanye West released his first single ever, “Through The Wire”. The song peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 100, was nominated for a Grammy, and is often credited for being song that launched Kanye’s career. The title “Through The Wire” plays on the concept of Kanye West’s jaw being wired shut after his infamous car crash and him recording the song with his mouth still wired shut. Also, since I was unable to post yesterdays “This Day in Hip-Hop”, Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of the drop of Outkast’s highly acclaimed 3rd release, Aquemini.



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