This Day in Hip-Hop History

Single Artwork for "One Love" by NaS featuring Q-Tip

Single Artwork for "One Love" by NaS featuring Q-Tip

Today, October 25th, marks the day 17 years ago NaS released his 5th single “One Love” featuring Q-Tip. The lyrical letter to NaS’s childhood friends was produced by Tip and ended up at the 48th spot on VH1’s “Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All-Time”. Today also marks the day that same year that Common (back when he was still Common Sense) released his sophmore effort, Resurrection. The album has met extreme critical aclaim, being mentioned among all-time hip hop heavyweights by most hip-hop publications, but failed to chart and sold poorly. The album also spawned the single and second track, “I Used to Love H.E.R.”, which is collectively respected as one of the greatest rap songs ever. Lastly, today celebrates the day 7 years ago that Eminem released his anti-bush administration video for the song “Mosh” off of Encore. The video attempted to get voters with a message claiming “VOTE Tuesday November 2” at the end which was eventually changed to a scene of Eminem and an angry group of men storming and invading the white house.


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