This Day in Hip-Hop History

"Hard Knock Life" Single by Jay-Z

"Hard Knock Life" Single by Jay-Z

Today, October 27, marks the day 13 years ago in which Jay-Z dropped one of his most successful singles ever (his most successful at the time) in “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)”. The Annie sample garnered a Grammy for best solo rap preformance and a top spot on the Billboard 200 as well as a gold certification. October 27th also marks another significant Jay-Z event in the Power 105.1 concert, “I Declare War”, in which most significantly, Hov ended his long-standing beef with fellow New York MC, NaS. Both rappers shook hands at the end of the show and closed out by preforming a mash-up of “Dead Presidents” and “The World Is Yours”. Lastly, today is the day 16 years ago in which 2Pac finished recording for his greatest selling album ever, All Eyez On Me. Pac recorded the album in only 2 weeks, however it wasn’t released until Febuary of the next year.


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