This Day in Hip Hop History

"Death Certificate" by Ice Cube

"Death Certificate" by Ice Cube

Today, October 29, 15 years ago, Ghostface Killah dropped his debut album, Ironman. The album came in at #2 on the Billboard 200, and was eventually certified platinum. RZA, who produced every track with the exception of one, was hailed for the production while the album met critical success, being named the 34th greatest rap album ever by Speaking of one of the greatest rap album’s ever, today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Death Certificate by Ice Cube. The album had over a million pre-orders, being certified platinum within a month. The album, like Ironman, is largely considered one of the greatest rap albums ever, and peaked at #2 on the Billboard. Today also marks the the 15th birthday of Biggie’s second son, Christopher “C.J.” Wallace Jr., (the one he had with Faith Evans) and the release of the soundtrack to 8 Mile by Eminem.

"Ironman" by Ghostface Killah

"Ironman" by Ghostface Killah


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