This Day in Hip Hop History

Outkast's Fourth Studio Album, "Stankonia"

Outkast's Fourth Studio Album, "Stankonia"

This Halloween, October 31, we wish Happy Birthdays to two of the most famous white rappers ever in now-45-year-old Beastie Boy, Ad-Rock or Adam Horovitz and famous one-hit wonder of the 90’s, Vanilla Ice or Robert Van Winkle, who turned 44 today. His notorious 1990 single, “Ice Ice Baby”, which became the first rap single ever to top the Billboard 200. Today also marks the 5th anniversary of old school rapper, Ice T’s, final release in Gangsta Rap. Though the album was unimpressive, the cover is notorious for it’s controversial depiction of him and his wife, Nicole “Coco” Austin. More importantly, Outkast released their fourth studio album, Stankonia, 11 years ago. The album was subject to rave reviews, a debut spot at #2 on the Billboard 200 and 4 platinum certifications. It became Outkast’s third album in a row to outsell their previous effort and is largely considered one of the greatest albums of all-time, led by the singles, “Ms. Jackson”, “B.0.B.”, and “So Fresh, So Clean”.

Ice-T's Final Release, "Gangsta Rap"

Ice-T's Final Release, "Gangsta Rap"


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