This Day in Hip Hop History

"The Originator", DJ Screw

"The Originator", DJ Screw

Today, November 17, marks the death of a hip hop legend. 11 years ago today, hip hop lost “the Originator” also known as DJ Screw. The Houston-bred DJ got his nickname from his orginating and creation of the Chopped ‘N Screwed remixes of southern rap songs. Screw became so big at one point, many called H-Town, “Screw-ston”. An autopsy in 2000 confirmed DJ Screw had PCP, Codeine, and Valium in his system when he died and the death was directly attributed to the Codeine in “purple drank”. Robert Davis aka DJ Screw’s contributions to hip hop will not be forgotten. On a happier note, today marks the day 12 years ago Dr. Dre dropped what is (in my opinion) one of (probably top 20) greatest rap albums of all time in 2001. The album nearly single-handedly revitalized the West Coast gangsta rap scene and featured arguably the best production of anything released on compact disc ever. Kanye West has even cited the song, “Xxplosive” from the album as “where I got my entire sound from”. 2001 was certified 6x platinum, reached #2 on the Billboards, featured a slew of guests (Dr. Dre doesn’t rap on some songs at all) and spawned (in my opinion) the greatest rap tour in history which was captured on DVD and is one of my 3 favorite DVD’s of all time in theĀ Up In Smoke Tour”. Also today 7 years ago, MF Doom dropped his underground and critically acclaimed classic Mm.. Food.

Dr. Dre's Second (and Probably Final) Studio Album, "2001"

Dr. Dre's Second (and Probably Final) Studio Album, "2001"


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