This Day in Hip Hop History

Fabolous (Now Age 34)

Fabolous (Now Age 34)

Today, November 18, Daily $wagg wishes a Happy 34th Born-Day to Bed-Stuy emcee, Fabolous. Fab has made waves in the news the last few months with his recent twitter-beef and fight with singer, Ray J. Also, today marks the day a full decade ago NaS dropped his critically acclaimed single, “Got Ur Self a… (Gun)” off his comeback album, Stillmatic. The song was somewhat of a subliminal diss to Jay-Z at the height of their highly publicizing feud. After NaS claimed “when I see you Ima take what I want so I got mine I hope you got yourself a gun”, Jay-Z responded with the diss to the same instrumental calling it “Got Myself a Gun” directly dissing NaS.

Album Art for the Single, "Got Urself a... (Gun)" by NaS

Album Art for the Single, "Got Urself a... (Gun)" by NaS


2 thoughts on “This Day in Hip Hop History

  1. Wow, ten years since Nas dropped the song that seemingly put an end to rap music’s acceptance of Kid Rock and Limp Buscuit, thank god! “It’s the return of the Escobar, this is real hardcore, Kid Rock and Limp Busicuit soft!” Nas should get more credit for upholding the cultural integrity of hip hop because imposters try to mimic what we do not out of an innate neccesity to replicate the rhythm inherant within natures symbiotic harmony, but out of pure fascination with the exoticness of the allure that scintilates from the people made in god’s image immulating the frequency of divinity that the Egyptian god Djehuti represents. It is only instinctual that people who have the genetic ability, through melanin, to convert light energy into sound energy chemically would invent the medium that does what Acts1:8 says, witnesses about god to the most distant parts of the earth. We should protect this sarced soul enlivener the way that the arc of the covenant was protected, no one was allowed to touch it but the most holy, the penalty was instant death. Nas did his part in protecting our medium by telling the unfit to flee, becuase he knew that if his Afrocentric bravado wasn’t mimiced, hip hop would accept imposters like Yellow Wolf in the near future. I think rap should do what rock did in the 60’s put a black face on white rappers albums and replace the white rapper with a black one in videos so that we can better interperet the wackness. It seems we have become affllicted by an exoticism complex, assuming white rappers are good because they are an anomoly. Hip hop is a language only we can speak authentically.

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