Daily $wagg is Back! (Again)

100% $wagg Certified

100% $wagg Certified

I was recently brought to wordpress.com thanks to another wordpress bloggers posts and ended up stumbling upon my own account linked to Daily $wagg. While reunited with my 3-month lost blog i figured, “ah, what the hell, let’s check the views and see if anyone’s still reading it”, and to my suprise, many of you are. With that, I apologize greatly for my absence. My laziness as a senior in high school has grown like a cancerous tumor in the final few months of mandatory schooling. I also apologize for my rustiness with writing which can largely be attributed to my laziness. In conclusion, I plan to keep up with Daily $wagg (I know, I’ve promised like 5 times) and I also plan to post a few articles I wrote while on my hiatus that never saw the light of day thanks to my lack of motivation. Salute to you, the readers of Daily $wagg. Oh.. Ya… this post is 100% $wagg Certified.


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