Revisiting Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (And the last year of his life for that matter)

Ahhh... The Infamous "Kanye Shrug"

Ahhh... The Infamous "Kanye Shrug"

This article was written February 13th, 2012, the day after the 54th Grammys. This article was also written the day after Kanye West single handedly dominated the Grammys. Sidenote: My brother is the biggest Kanye West fan you will ever meet. Seriously, the kid knows more about Kanye West than Kanye West knows about Kanye West… and trust me, Kanye West knows alot about Kanye West…

Kanye West has had one hell of a year and that might be an understatement. The rise to fame and fall from grace has been adequately documented. The Saga of Kanye West saw another chapter yesterday as Ye took home 4 Grammys of the 5 categories he was nominated for and in typical Kanye fashion, he wasn’t present to accept any of the awards.

Nearly one year ago, West released what many would recognize as his magnum opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. From the controversial cover to the song featuring 14 singers including Elton John to the 35 minute film accompanying the album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was met with headlines. After months of his own runaway, Kanye west dropped one of the most introspective and absolutely classic albums to date. Kanye poetically conveyed the ups and downs of everyday Kanye life. Depressing sympathetic tones of songs like “All of the Lights” with lyrics like “restraining order/cant see my daughter/her mother brother grandmother hate me in that order/public visitation, we met at borders/told her if she take me back, I’d be more supportive/I’ve made mistakes”. Lyrics like these show a Kanye we’ve never experienced, a broken, humble Kanye admitting his wrongs and stepping back to realize his ego. However in other songs such as “Power”, Ye states “I don’t need your pussy, b*tch, Im on my own dick”. Kanye is able to capture the emotion and feelings of his rise to fame, stint at the top, and fall from grace, all of which attribute to his prodigal son style return to the top. A Kanye West who roughly a year or two ago went onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards and interrupted the most innocent and soft-spoken country singer music fans have seen in years to deliver the message that she didn’t deserve the award, is finally accepted again. It took him My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch the Throne to get there, but he’s back. Despite what some may say about Kanye, he deserves every award he’s won (and even some of the ones he hasn’t won). 7 Grammy nominations and 4 of them he was competing against himself. Many also believe (me being one of them) Ye deserved an 8th nomination for “Album of the Year”. With this being said, reflecting on my 4.0 rating I gave Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy when it was released, I completely 100% stand by it. In my mind, Ye has also solidified himself into hip-hops all time elites as “one of the greatest (rappers) of all-time!!” (pun intended). The only question that I continually ponder is “now what?” What is there for Kanye to do from here? Manage GOOD Music and develop younger artists? Collaborate more with Jay-Z? Another solo album? Personally, I believe Kanye will never make a better album than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and I also believe he should and possibly will go back to the College themed series. Ye has stated he desired one more album within the college theme, but took a different direction with 808s and Heartbreak when his mother died. First and Foremost though, Kanye plans to release Good Music, a collaborative effort with the rest of GOOD Music. Also, Kanye West is a mere 34 years old. This opens and shuts doors. For example, I think retirement should be a viable option. Far too many rappers have overstayed their welcome as far as musical output and are decades removed. Kanye should NEVER soil his legacy with such foolery and should wisely choose when to go out (on top). While 34, seems too young, a solid mid 40’s retirement would place him amongst rap legends and define his body of work as a decade of prime, rather than a later life marred by sputtering paced singles. Whatever it is Kanye West does, he is undoubtedly the largest hip-hop figure of the past 365 days.

This Picture Might-as-well Not Be Photoshopped Considering How Ye Madeout At the Grammys

This Picture Might-as-well Not Be Photoshopped Considering How Ye Madeout At the Grammys


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