The All-Rap Team

Snoop Rockin' Chucks at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

Snoop Rockin' Chucks at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

Honestly, Nelly, Common, and a few other guys I missed could have made this team as well … Either way, I believe Daily $wagg narrowed it down pretty well…

In lieu of the upcoming NBA playoffs, I have decided to throw together an All-Basketball/Rap-Team combining the best rapping basketball players (but more like basketball playing rappers). Thanks to both cultures being tied so closely together, this list was surprisingly easy to put together with the exception of their heights and weights (and their Celebrity All-Star Game stats which was like finding the score to the 1994 Northern Wisconsin Badminton Championship).


PG-Lil Romeo-5’11 170 lbs. Son of Master P, Percy Miller, managed to land himself a scholarship to USC to play some Trojan basketball (thanks almost entirely to his friendship with current NBA player Demar Derozan). Romeo had a disappointing stint in Southern California but nonetheless, sits atop the short list of “best father-son basketball player-rapper duos ever”.

Lil' Bow Wow as a USC Trojan

Lil' Bow Wow as a USC Trojan

SG-Ice Cube- 5’8 180-190 lbs. “Get me on the court n I’m trouble, last week fucked around and got a triple-double, fakin’ niggas every way like MJ” He played extremely well in the Celebrity All-Star Game he participated in (and that’s here say. Trust me, it’s easier to find records of Hampton Parks and Recreational League games than NBA Celebrity games) Cube is also an outspoken Laker fan.

SF-Master P- 6’3 (believe it or not, I couldn’t find his weight anywhere, even though we do know he challenged Ricky Rozay to a competition of “who could lose 40 lbs in 90 day” about 8 months ago) Though becoming an established No Limit Soldier long before his basketball days, Master P was able to land a contract with the 1998-1999 Charlotte Hornets as well as the Toronto Raptors preseason squad the following year. As well as playing in the CBA and ABA, P. Miller managed to drop 17 pts. at age 41 for his relocated Hornets in the 2008 McDonald’s Celebrity ASG.

Percy Miller aka Master P as a Member of the Charlotte Hornets

Percy Miller aka Master P as a Member of the Charlotte Hornets

PF-Game- 6’3 ½-6’4 220-260 lbs. Despite being raised in the grittiest of Compton areas, Game managed to stand out in basketball and track, even meriting himself a scholarship to Washington State University before eventually getting kicked out for drug possession. (Though WSU denies him ever even enrolling). Game also allegedly threatened someone with a gun after/during a pick up basketball game near his home. Alos, let’s just kill 2 birds with one stone with this video…

The Game vs Snoop in Celebrity Bball game at Compton High School from Taydoe Kidd on Vimeo.

C (had to give Snoop the starting job at C cuz you know Game wouldn’t want it) -Snoop- 6’4 170-180 lbs. The lanky 6’4 rapper was once cast to play in a celebrity game and rocked Converse Chuck Taylors throughout the event. He is also an outspoken Laker fan. Shit, he even drives the Laker-mobile, complete with a hood mural…


J. Cole- 6’3 205 lbs. The high school basketball player’s obsession with the game landed him in this yea’rs Orlando ASG festivities, participating in the celebrity game. Though he played poorly, Cole still managed to throw down a Kevin Hart-assisted oop.

A Young J. Cole Playing High School Basketball

A Young J. Cole Playing High School Basketball

Slim Thug- 6’6 250 lbs. Did you read that? 6’6-250. One more time… 6’6-250. Thugga even claims he doesn’t have a body guard because he “don’t need one”. Nuff said.. (I’m not even sure if The Boss played basketball at any level)

Lil’ Boosie- 5’5-5’7 140 lbs. – Boosie has stated if he had not gotten into rapping and what not, he would have been a basketball player and is rumored to have received some college offers despite his height. and judging by the video below, Boosie Bad Azz might be needed on the team just for trash talking…

Shaquille O’Neal and Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace (cus it would be kinda unfair to throw them in with the starting rappers… and yes they both had rap careers)


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