The Answer to Philadelphia’s Questions

The Answer

The Answer

On March 30th, Allen Iverson returned to Philadelphia once again, receiving nothing but brotherly love. Philadelphia’s favorite NBA Player was in attendance for the distribution of a bobble-head commemorating his playing days as a young 76er as well as to present the game ball. But just like every time Iverson revisits the city that showed him his best years as a baller, people talk about his return.

The 37 year-old free agent is still on the tip of everybody’s tongues even though it’s been years since he’s made a bucket or uttered the words “practice”, and for good reason. Despite being bounced around between Denver, Detroit, Memphis, and Philadelphia again since he began his career, AI’s PPG has never fallen below 12 in a season. He is internationally recognized as one of the greatest point guards to pick up a basketball and most analysts would tell you he still belongs in the league. So why hasn’t “The Answer” suited up in an NBA uniform in nearly 3 years?

Allen Iverson's Bobble-head

Allen Iverson’s Bobble-head

Iverson’s unwillingness to participate in a few D-League games to smooth the transition has proved to be a roadblock for teams interested in the leagues 2001 MVP. Iverson wants to start and make a major impact on a team. While AI will always be an offensively gifted player, not all veterans who have taken a 3 year break can just expect to walk right into a team’s starting five. Iverson would prove valuable to a team with a young point guard such as the Sixers’ 22-year old Jrue Holiday. The 11-time NBA All-Star could easily provide a Derek Fisher-like mentorship to the young and talent guard.

The 76ers have nothing to lose in signing Allen Iverson, given the fact that they’re primary investment from last offseason has yet to play a game and they’re record sits well below .500. At the end of the day, AI boasts an extensive and impressive resumé and would be a fan favorite but his unwillingness to take a backseat to younger abilities will probably keep him from playing again. Hopefully, every NBA fan will have the joy of seeing “the Answer” solve some teams problems yet again.

Allen Iverson Returns to Philly

Allen Iverson’s Return to Philly (Last Year)



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