Top 10 Tweets Ripping Dan Gilbert

Yesterday around 6:45pm Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, tweeted out a picture and a question and got absolutely shredded (as was deserved). @cavsdan presented the wine and gold faithful and twitter followers alike with 3 absolute fashion atrocities, posing the question, which was their personal favorite? These top 10 answers were absolutely priceless.

The Top 10:

Here, Jesse is imploring Dan Gilbert to give up on twitter and possibly even social media as a whole after that catastrophe of a uniform offering.

They buuuurrrnnn…

Waaay out man…

That just cannot be a serious compliment. If Urkel went to a Cavs game and wore that jersey, the studio audience would laugh hysterically on sight.

Just take the L Dan… take it from upset Drake too.

They’re all particularly unsettling and could be worn by rodeo clowns.

@oTREV0R letting Dan know bluntly that he doesn’t understand this piss poor game time attire.

And I’m sorry but the Canucks have done some shit to uniforms, that should never be done to uniforms.

Dan Gilbert sure has a knack for annoying people, and it looks like he got to Freddy long before this occasion.

Unfortunately, it appears it was a hoax and Danny was just trolling Cavs Nation (as if they haven’t already been tortured enough). And T-Shirt jerseys are very bad.

Much of Cavs Nation is in favor of bringing back the Shawn Kemp-era 1990’s blue/black jerseys, as am I. However, I always have and always will support the Austin Carr ’70’s throwbacks anytime they are donned.


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